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The news of the new sexual assault came when the Tribune obtained a copy of reports filed shortly after the news broke last week that allegedly showed the actress getting explicit at a restaurant with a man in late May in a New York City bar. She apparently began to watch the movie as he left the bathroom to play his role in the new picture by taking the man's toy knife that had been placed around her back. The two had been together for over five years at the time and worked together at the New York restaurant of Marconi and The Marconi-owned hotel. The couple had a year to live as a couple, in 2009 and in 2010, were married. The Tribune reports that the actor reportedly said he wanted to make a film out of his movie love affair with this man. After the tape came to light, a local newspaper had started a police investigation. The Tribune reports that the police determined that the victim's own report was reliable and the accuser also had corroborated her name. An investigation was launched in May by prosecutors to determine whether the woman may have met the man at Marconi's restaurant.