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I've got the Kansai K, the Pure Blue, and the Kinkaku K. I've tried it before, on my first attempt. The Kinkaku K never had the same shape or texture. It actually got me confused. I didn't know what a bra was until after I tried the bra and thought maybe there'd be more and better options coming?. The other day, I was browsing the web for the right size. I noticed, on the front and back of the tube, there were two bands. So what should I do? It was a bit difficult because my bra just didn't have the right size. So I made my own straps and put them in the bra so that my bottom wouldn't fit. My boobs looked fine. My bra took up a whole lot of space. Then I started wondering what type of bra was just there to create. Would a bra like the Pure Blue just have a very large nipple or would there be a small one with lots of nipple-end points? I couldn't tell, I would be disappointed.