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She goes on to describe the dark and nasty nature of the match. According to Dr. Alina O'Owensenka, PhD, who directed the Sexist Assault documentary, women who engage in sexual assault often use an interpersonal coping tool; this involves using this way to express resentment against their abusers or harass their victims. For example, Dr. O'Owensenka describes the process of developing a traumatic memory, which often alters a person's emotions or social expectations. For some survivors of sexual assault, she says, the most damaging aspects of traumatic encounters are the flashbacks that lead them to self-destruct. It's hard, physically and psychologically, says O'Owensenka. You feel a sense of self-denial and you are afraid to talk about it because it might hurt you. But when we ask ourselves what the ramifications of their behaviour are, we can really feel they understand. These issues are often invisible to those who witness them on television, whether they are survivors or guests, she adds. In many stories, traumatised men or women are unable to access their attackers' identities and are often invisible to survivors because they cannot confront their past or their trauma.