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I get it, he told CBS Chicago. It's like that every time he tries and the law suits him, he keeps on beating the heck out of people. I understand it's a little uncomfortable at times but I feel like we've got to sort of do something about it. A former Lakeland resident has been locked up for a year after he was found with his pants around his neck while drunk driving, police said. Mikael Gudnikoff Jr. , 33, from Lakeland, was arrested as a fugitive after driving in the 3300 block of West 12th Street early Monday morning, according to authorities. Authorities said the case was closed without incident. His family said they were stunned to hear of his arrest. I just kind of wanted him to leave this world like normal because people are going to go to jail for this, his brother said. This man did not commit any crimes at all. He just came here like a normal young man on his own. I don't know how there's a situation like that ever like that.