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The trail winds through the forest at low tide. I ride a hill bike, looking for the best views. As I ascend the hill on my right, I make a left to climb down the forest-lined driveway. After ascending the first steep and winding driveway, I turn around to see a few trees. In some cases a few trees can be seen in the distance, and it is possible I have seen those too. I am not very bright, and the path turns downhill when I come back to my car. The trail is very easy to follow. I will continue riding downhill for about 10 more miles before returning to my car. At 1,500 feet up the hills, it is a nice hike. But this hike can be very challenging to find for most people if you plan on taking this route. As with many other hikes in this area, the views are extremely nice when it rains, but the views do not always seem to be as clear as they would be at night. After reaching the top of the hill, you can stop, put in a good time, and head up. Once on the main trail, you will come to a sharp right bend in the woods, and take a turn towards a hill where you stand.