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She said in another Facebook post, 'You were the only parent that could give us help today — a big promise of yours. While many parents support the child or child receiving financial assistance from social service agencies or welfare providers and even say they will act responsibly in case of an injury, few say they have heard any reports of abuse and neglect. We have seen incidents (or heard) of neglect in the community for children in our community, said a spokesperson for California Disability Services Board. We don't believe child abuse will ever happen in this country, but we are investigating the matter thoroughly and will continue to investigate every one of these cases. And we always work with our community for these kinds of situations, said the person responsible for enforcing the rules. In 2011, when Chorizo was seven, a caregiver gave him cash assistance, which he called a tut — a small percentage he took out to buy groceries, a paw or a toy. Chorizo asked for help when he was unable to get a job, but he told his mom he would take the money if the situation deteriorated. But the welfare agency's policies and procedures make it hard for an abused child to get help.