About the Northwest Wind Resource & Action Center

The Northwest Wind Resource and Action Center (NW WInd Center) is operated by Renewable Northwest in cooperation with our partners, Northwest SEED and the Oregon Department of Energy. The NW Wind Center was designed to be your best source for timely, accurate information on wind energy issues in the Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming).

The Northwest Wind Resource and Action Center was formed with initial funding from the US Department of Energy through WINDExchange. It is one of six Regional Resource Centers to receive such funding across the nation. (See sidebar.)

What We Do

In addition to being a general resource on wind energy in the region, the NW WInd Center is activiely engaged in several issues where inclusion of information on wind energy is critical to making informed decisions that will shape our energy future. Wind energy encompasses a number of technologies with specific challenges affecting each sector of the wind industry. Each partner in the NW Wind Center effort is focused on one of three sectors to provide appropriate focus to the challenges each sector faces. Those sectors, and the lead organization covering each sector, are:

  • Land-based, Utility-scale Wind    (Renewable Northwest)
  • Distributed and Community-scale Wind    (Northwest SEED)
  • Offshore Wind    (Oregon Department of Energy)

In addition, as the lead organization for th eeffort, Renewable Northweast covers general questions and issues that are sector independent. Information on each sector, and issues of major focus currently, can be found on the designated sections of this site. 

Who We are

The lead partners in the NW Wind Center effort have a long history of working on renewable energy issues in the Northwest, each bringing a unique perspectives. While the NW Wind Center is a new effort, the lead partners have been colaborating on efforts for decades providing a solid team for this new venture.

Renewable Northwest is a nonprofit environmental organization working on renewable energy issues in the region since 1994, bringing together a broad range of stakeholders to envision and build a clean energy future. With a main office in Portland, OR, and additional staff based in Seattle, WA, and Bozeman, MT, Renewable Northwest covers land-based, utility-scale wind issues for the NW Wind Center.

Mission: Promote the expansion of environmentally responsible renewable energy resources in the Northwest. 

Vision: Make new, clean energy a reality. Our economy depends on it. Our climate and quality of life rely on it. Join us!


Northwest SEED empowers community scale clean energy through technical support, community education and practical implementation to help communities achieve their sustainability and economic development goals. Based in Seattle, WA, Northwest SEED has empowered communities to implement clean energy projects since its inception in 2001. Northwest SEED oversees distributed and community-scale wind issues for the NW WInd Center.

Mission: Northwest SEED works to establish a clean, diverse, and affordable Northwest energy system based on efficient use of renewable resources, with maximum local control and ownership of energy assets.

Vision: Northwest SEED envisions a clean, diverse, and affordable energy future for the Northwest. Through our efforts, successful on-the-ground, community-based projects will stimulate local economic development, create jobs, and enhance security, creating widespread popular support for and investment in a sustainable energy system. In becoming self-reliant through energy efficiency and distributed local energy resources, the region will serve as a model for the nation and other countries.


Oregon Department of Energy is a state agency formed in 1975. Among the agency's many primary program goals are:

    • Encouraging investments in conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy resources
    • Providing technical help and financial incentives to promote the use of renewable energy
    • Demonstrating the workability of new technology
    • Siting prudent, safe, and environmentally sound energy facilities

Mission: The Oregon Department of Energy reduces the long-term costs of energy for Oregonians.


Steering Committee
In addition to the lead organizations, the NW Wind Center is proud to have the support and direction of the following steering committee members providing additional regional insight and feedback on the issue at hand:

  • Boise State University
  • Montana Department of Commerce
  • Montana Department of Environmental Quality
  • Washington Department of Commerce